Varicose Veins In One Leg

Varicose veins are swollen, twisted and ugly veins (usually on the legs) that look lumpy and bluish through the skin. They result from a weakness of valves inside veins that allow blood to flow back to the heart. If the valves do not work properly, blood accumulates in the veins, stretching them and causing varicosities. These prominent, blue, bulging veins are often accompanied by dull, nagging aches and pains. Swelling, sore legs, leg cramps and feelings of heaviness in the legs are also characteristics of varicose veins.

Amazingly, approximately 50% of middle aged adults have varicose veins. The subcutaneous veins of the legs are commonly affected, due to the tremendous strain that standing has on the veins. When a person stands for long periods, the pressure exerted against the vein can increase up to ten times. Hence, those whose occupations require long periods of standing are more susceptible to risk of developing varicose veins.

A more serious form of varicose veins involves obstruction and valve defects of the deeper veins of the leg. This type of varicose vein can lead to problems such as thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infraction and even stroke.

There are some common approaches to prevent varicose veins including exercising, watching your weight and your diet, watching what you ear, raising your legs, avoiding long period of sitting and standing, not sitting on your legs crossed.

There are a few other ways to remove varicose veins. Surgery is one of the most popular choices for varicose veins plain underneath the skin. It is usually most effective in the biggest varicose veins which will be utterly removed. It s also effective for smaller varicose veins. Endoscopy surgery is used in varicose vein.

With endoscopic vein surgery, a small video camera is used to see inside the veins. This process uses a tiny camera at the end of a thin tube to move through the varicose veins. A surgical instrument at the end of the camera is used to close the veins. Then varicose veins are removed through little cuts. People who have this varicose vein surgery must have some sort of anesthesia, for example epidural, spinal, or general anesthesia.

Endoscopic vein surgery is currently only used in severe cases in which there are skin ulcers because of the varicose veins. Only small incisions are required for this procedure. You may wear a soft dressing on the leg for the a few days following your surgery. Patients can revert to normal activity inside a few weeks.

Its crucial to differentiate between the sorts of varicose veins because the treatment for varicose veins is dissimilar for each. VenousBalm-Rx and VenousDrops are new topical and oral remedies to treat varicose and spider veins. They are characterized by very strong and real pharmacological activities which unequivocally qualify them as ethical drugs . The effectiveness of these treatments is undisputed.

These treatments are concentrated with a wide spectrum of medicinal plant extracts exhibiting curative effects against varicose veins, as published by the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. For those seeking an end to varicose veins and related conditions, these products deliver the goods.

Recent clinical trials of treatments for varicose veins demonstrate VenousDrops extracts produce significantly better results to reverse the condition verse prescription medication and the most popular herbal remedies. Very recent advances in the scientific understanding of medicinal plants suggest a much broader use of natural medicine to eradicate varicose veins than science thought possible just ten years ago.

VenousBalm-Rx and VenousDrops are established to not only reverse conditions stemming from venous insufficiency, but also improve the overall tone of the veins. These are true venous blood decongestants and used to negate venous blood stagnation which causes varicose veins and venous insufficiency. The astringent properties of these treatments provide a tightening effect to skin tissue.

Topical application of VenousBalm-Rx with oral intake of VenousDrops supports the venous system and improves circulation, providing quantifiable results for those seeking to eliminate varicose veins. They produce a smooth muscle effect due to their ability to balance fluid levels in the body as a whole. To learn more about the topical treatment and dietary supplement for varicose veins/related conditions, please go to

varicose veins in one leg

What To Do About A Hemorrhoid

The easiest way to reduce the burning, itching and pain caused by hemorrhoids is to use a hemorrhoid cream or ointment. Creams provide an instant relief for the one using them and they are also really cheap and easy to find in every pharmacy. Moreover, there are a large number of brands that offer hemorrhoid creams with various ingredients and you can choose one with natural extracts or one with chemically synthesized ones.

When it comes to hemorrhoid treatment and relief, you have quite a lot of choices. The creams are the fastest way to stop feeling the pain your hemorrhoids (or as they say in Norway hemoroide) are causing you and they also come in a great variety. Almost all of the creams have an anesthetic in them and some even have an astringent too. This means they are highly effective for bringing you relief from the burning, the pain and the itching resulting from the hemorrhoids. The most effective ingredients for hemorrhoid creams include pyridoxine hydrochloride, shark liver oil, petrolatum, witch hazel, hydrocortisone as well as phenylephrine HCL. You can try out all the different options and find the one, which provides you with the best results and is cost efficient at the same time.

When you get a hemorrhoid cream it almost always comes with its own applicator but in case you did not get one you should apply the cream with your fingers. You should first clean the affected area with warm water before you apply a cream for hemorrhoid relief. If you use soap, it should be mild and when it comes to drying the area, it should be done with a soft cloth or toilet paper. Make sure you do not irritate the hemorrhoids any further by scratching them while washing because it will cause you extra pain since they are highly sensitive. When the area is clean, you can apply the cream to the hemorrhoids. When you buy a certain hemorrhoid cream read all of the instructions and find out whether it is suitable for internal hemorrhoids or for external ones only since most of the creams on the market are not designed to be applied to internal hemorrhoids.

The most important advantage of hemorrhoid creams

The most important thing about all hemorrhoid creams is that they relieve the pain caused by external hemorrhoids for sure. The anesthetic and astringent in every cream of this kind quickly take care of all the unpleasant sensations related to the hemorrhoids and leave the area numb for some time. Moreover, you can easily purchase a hemorrhoid cream from almost every pharmacy and the price of such a cream is usually not really high. The only bad thing about hemorrhoid creams is that they give your relief but it is not permanent so you should find another way to cure the hemorrhoids if you want to completely forget about them. You should not use a hemorrhoid cream as an excuse to not deal with the problem just because you have a way of getting rid of the pain.

If you would like to find out what cinchocain is (in Norwegian we say Hva er cinkokain), pay a visit to this web address.

what to do about a hemorrhoid

Vascular Veins

Intracranial vascular lesions help the doctor to diagnose the problem of the patients. It helps to be the tinnitus of the aneurism. It may be called as an artery-venous malformation. Generally this is happened due to the irregular or abnormal connection between the artery and the vein so bloody of the artery will enter in the veins directly. This does not pass through the capillaries. As a result the fresh blood of the artery is mixed with the polluted blood of the veins.

Generally artery venous deformity means an abnormal connection. It is happened by the blood to flow from an artery of high pressure towards an artery of the low pressure. In this circumstance brain hemorrhage can be there. It is a fatal problem and has a fatal effect. It is deadly and this may lead even to the death of a person. There is a symptom which is tinnitus or ringing in the ears. It may be happened due to some reasons. This is a symptom which is happened in many cases.

This situation should not be taken in the lighter vein. There are Intracranial vascular lesions which have deadly effects. There is noninvasive method which is used to detect such lesions. They involve the recording and the analysis of the intracranial blood flow. They record the blood flow well. A transducer is there to record the sounds. These sounds are maximized and converted into the digital data which offers spectral analysis. There are some treatments arrangements for the problem.

Intracranial vascular lesions are done with the surgeries and the accumulation of the blood vessels which are affected. In this case surgery is the effective therapy for the treatment. The patients should go for the surgery after consulting with the specialists or the experts. There is Interventional neuron radiology which is called INR in short. It offers treatment for the diseases of the central nervous system. It is done especially for the intracranial vascular lesions.

vascular veins

Creams For Bruises

Virgin meaning the oil was produced by the use of physical means and no chemical treatment.

Refined meaning that the oil has been chemically treated to neutralize strong tastes and acid content. Refined oil is commonly regarded as lower quality than virgin oil; the retail labels extra-virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil cannot contain any refined oil.

Pomace olive oil meaning that the oil is extracted from the pomace using chemical solvents (noteably hexane) and by heat. A pomace is a paste formed by grinding olives to tiny bits, mixing with water, and then processing by centrifuge.

Olive oil vendors choose the wording on their labels very carefully.

"100% Pure Olive Oil" is often the lowest quality available in a retail store: better grades would have "virgin" on the label.

"Made from refined olive oils" suggests that the essence was captured, but in fact means that the taste and acidity were chemically produced.

"Light olive oil" actually means refined olive oil, not a lower fat content.

"From hand-picked olives" may indicate that the oil is of better quality, since producers harvesting olives by mechanical methods are inclined to leave olives to over-ripen in order to increase yield.

"First cold press" means that the oil in bottles with this label is the first oil that came from the first press of the olives. The word cold is important because if heat is used, the olive oil's chemistry is changed. It should be noted that extra-virgin olive oil is cold pressed, but not necessarily the first oils.

"Bottled in Italy" or "Packed in Italy" does not necessarily mean that the olive oil originated in Italy. Back or side labels indicate the origin of the olive oil which is often a mixture of oils from several nations

Shelf life is relatively long, about 1 year. This can be extended with proper storage.

Make sure that you buy Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil too. It's the one with the most nutritional value! You must really look hard on the bottles label to find 'cold pressing' though. Many times it's in small type and located in the top, right hand corner so look closely. Cold pressing is a very slow process in which olive oil is extracted from olives. It is a healthier technique that gives you 100% olive oil with no additives. That's what makes it so much better for you!

Olive oil contains 77% monounsaturated fatty acids, 14% saturated fatty acids, and 9% polyunsaturated fatty acids, plus vegetable mucilage and Vitamin E. Monounsaturated fatty acids are far less easily damaged by oxygen than other types of fat. They are therefore less likely to produce free radicals, which damage cell membranes and can cause Cancer.

creams for bruises

Varicose Vein In Arm

The appearance of eczema varies from person to person and according to the type of eczema.The first symptom in most persons with eczema is an intense itching.Eczema result in dry and scaly skin but sometimes may lead to blisters and oozing lesions.In children and adults, eczema occurs on the face, neck and the insides of the elbows, knees and ankles. In infants, eczema occurs on the forehead, cheeks, forearms, legs, scalp and neck.To describe specific forms of eczema, that may have very similar symptoms to atopic dermatitis some interesting facts are described below: atopic dermatitis which is thought to be the abnormal function of the body s immune system.10% of infants and 3% of adults in the U.S. are affected by eczema.For infants the term of infantile eczema is used.People with a family history of allergic conditions presenting asthma or hay fever have atopic dermatitis.Contact eczema (contact dermatitis) that includes redness, itching, and burning when the skin has come into contact with an allergen is a localized reaction. Eczema includes also reactions to laundry detergents, nickel (present in jewelry), cosmetics, fabrics, clothing and perfume.A form of skin inflammation of unknown cause is seborrheic eczema (seborrheic dermatitis) which include signs and symptoms like yellowish, oily, scaly patches of skin on the scalp, face, and occasionally other parts of the body.It is not necessary to associate the itching with seborrheic dermatitis.Emotional stress, oily skin, infrequent shampooing and weather conditions may increase a person s risk of developing seborrheic eczema.Coin-shaped patches of irritated skin, most commonly located on the arms, back, buttocks and lower legs, that may be crusted, scaling and extremely itchy represent the nummular eczema (nummular dermatitis).It occurs most frequently in elderly men.Often nummular eczema is a chronic condition.The risk of developing nummular eczema is increased by atopic dermatitis, asthma or allergies. A chronic skin inflammation caused by a scratch-itch cycle that begins with a localized itch that becomes intensely irritated when scratched is neurodermatitis.Women are more affected by neurodermatitis than men and people between aged 20-50 are most frequent affected.In scaly patches of skin on the head, lower legs, wrists or forearms this form of eczema appear.The stress can grow the symptoms of neurodermatitis.A skin irritation on the lower legs related to the circulatory problem known as venous insufficiency is statis dermatitis.Approximately 6-7% of the population over age 50 being affected by statis dermatitis.An itching and/or reddish-brown discoloration of the skin on one or both legs are the symptoms of stasis dermatitis.Statis dermatitis leads to the blistering, oozing skin lesions and ulcers which can develop in affected areas.The chronic circulatory problems may provide an increase in fluid buildup (edema) in the legs. Stasis dermatitis is associated also with a varicose eczema.An irritation of the skin on the palms of hands and soles of the feet characterized by clear, deep blisters that itch and burn is dyshidrotic eczema (dyshidrotic dermatitis).It is also known as vesicular palmoplantar dermatitis, dyshidrosis or pompholyx. This kind of eczema occur more in the spring and summer months and in warmer climates. Unfortunately eczemas may appear at any age and it may lead to dangeruos problems, but medications have been found in order to cure them.

varicose vein in arm

Painful Varicose Veins Treatment

The causes of varicose veins are related to non-functioning vein valves. Vein valves are designed to allow blood to flow from the legs toward the heart against gravity, while preventing reverse flow back down the legs. Reverse flow is called venous reflux. Vein valves may fail to close due to either, vein wall weakness that causes the vein to enlarge and the valves to leak; a history of blood clots in the vein that damage the valves; or an absence of vein valves since birth.
Varicose veins can be hereditary, often occurring in several members of the same family. Varicose veins can also develop after trauma or injury. Regardless of cause, defective valves cause venous blood to stagnate in the legs, leading to high blood pressure in the leg veins. This may result in further enlargement of the varicose veins, increasing the likelihood of advanced symptoms such as skin changes and ulcers at the ankles.
Reflux in the largest superficial veins, such as the saphenous veins, is often an underlying cause of painful varicose veins. Venous reflux is a condition that can be progressive. If left untreated, it can worsen and cause more advanced symptoms. In addition, blockage of the veins in the pelvis may severely aggravate the symptoms of varicose veins, requiring separate treatment.
Without treatment, varicose veins may cause hardened skin and subcutaneous tissue, pain or aching, leg swelling, skin color changes, and eczema. In advanced cases, breakdown of the skin may cause bleeding from varicose veins, and large varicosities may develop blood clots, a condition called superficial phlebitis or thrombophlebitis. Patients with varicose veins may also eventually develop chronic skin ulceration around the ankle.
Diagnosis of varicose veins is made primarily by physical examination. The accuracy of physical examination is further improved with the aid of a hand-held Doppler instrument, which allows the examiner to listen to the blood flow. The most accurate and detailed test is a duplex ultrasound exam, which provides an ultrasound image of the vein to detect any blockage caused by blood clots, and to determine whether the vein valves are working properly or have evidence of reflux.
Measurement of venous function of leg may be obtained with other tests such as plethysmography. These diagnostic tests are non-invasive and painless. Varicose veins are often sign of an underlying venous insufficiency disorder, whether symptomatic or not. Traditional treatments include making life-style modifications, wearing compression stockings and taking some medications.
Patients with varicose veins are encouraged to lose weight, exercise and elevate legs. Compression stockings are effective in reducing swelling and pain. Low-dose diuretics reduce swelling in the short term, topical steroid creams reduce inflammation, and antibiotics can treat cellulitis. Horse chestnut seed extract is an herbal remedy taken to reduce short-term swelling, but this preparation has not been approved by the FDA.
If the traditional treatments are not successful, endovascular procedures or surgery is recommended. Catheter-directed techniques have revolutionized the treatment of varicose veins, with reduced complications and time away from work. Vein stripping was the traditional treatment for bad values in the veins however it is rarely used today due to the advancement of less invasive procedures.
Plant medicine is an all natural treatment of varicose veins and venous insufficiency. It can enhance venous circulation, strengthen immune parameters and safely act as a blood decongestant, thereby systemically unraveling twisted veins causing varicose veins. Blood stasis is often associated with varicose veins and plant medicine can trigger lymphatic cells to release inflammatory mediators and growth factors to enhance circulatory processes.
Treatment has the demonstrated ability to increase venous tone and to decrease vein and capillary permeability while also protecting the endothelial cells against ischemia. The botanical extracts in plant medicine have been shown to improve microcirculation, capillary flow, and vascular tone, and to strengthen the connective tissue of the perivascular amorphous substrate. Plant medicine has shown to be beneficial to prevent time-consuming, painful, and expensive complications of varicose veins. To learn more, please go to

painful varicose veins treatment

Red Veins On Face

Has my face ALWAYS been this red?

No... I don't think so.

Yup. That's me. Poor Santa. Every year...As you can see from my photos here from when I was putting poor Santa through pure and utter hell, I'm fairly fair-skinned. Interestingly, for some reason I have the blonde, straight, fine hair and sensitive skin, but my gorgeous sister got the beautiful curls. My brother's hair is a bit blonde, but not as light as mine, and neither of them react to the sun the way I do.

But, we are born the way we are, and we can either accept it or bemoan it. I did plenty of bemoaning as a child. :)

In these wonderful snippits from my childhood, it would be understandable that my face would be red. At least here, in what must have been a fit of pique since obviously I wasn't making my Christmas wishes understood.

(Images are from my own collection of my visits to Santa... poor Santa)

Factors That Have Probably Contributed to my Red Face

You probably already know some of these...

As a young adult, I did spend an enormous amount of time outdoors - whether is was when I was working at a Colorado Guest Ranch at about 8,500 feet above sea level in very bright and intense sunshine, or down in Antarctica where the austral summer sun is also quite bright (and evidently the Ozone layer's quite thin).

It wasn't until some years after that I would notice that within seconds of having my arm or leg exposed to the sun in the car that I'd begin feeling hot. Sure enough I was burning pretty easily.

After running a race in New Zealand once, I got a touch of heat stroke and felt my face turn almost purple.

Within a few years, I started hearing the comments.

(Image is my own - this is me, taken at the Geographic South Pole - circa 1984 or 1985. Posing with my old "sheep puppet" who went everywhere with me)

My Plan For Reducing the Redness on my Face...

Ok. Today is March 23, 2013. I am about to embark on a journey, and will share it with you.

After receiving my shipment of my own package of Zenmed products, I had the idea to document my own progress.

Those of you who have read my article about preventing and healing diabetes (click here to read) already know I enjoy documenting stuff. So please stay tuned for videos and my progress reports!

Some Topical Treatments For Rosacea or Ruddy Complexion...

I happen to be a bit partial to a very specific brand, ZenMed (which I will explain soon), but in the interest of fairness and the fact that everyone's skin and needs are different, I'm putting a couple other creams/treatments in this section of the page so that you can make your own decisions. I promise I'll explain my partiality to ZenMed in a bit (I'm waiting for a little more light so I can show you my own package that just arrived...)

In the meantime, here are a couple of other products that you might be interested in, depending on your own skin. For example, if your skin is prone to more acne-type of breakouts or is oily, your needs will be different from mine, because my skin gets overly dry and is very sensitive to a lot of different ingredients - even the most "natural" ones.

Revitol Rosacea Treatment Cream - Natural Remedy for Rosacea - Rosacea Cure Formula Skin Treatment

Revitol Rosacea Treatment Cream - Natural Remedy for Rosacea - Rosacea Cure Formula Skin Treatment

I've seen some decent reviews on Revitol - the Amazon user reviews are averaging 3 out of 5 stars. Some users experience a little more relief than others. I would like to see a little bit more about this particular product from others - and I'm sure that there will be more as time goes by. Certainly worth looking at.

Buy Now

Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Cr me, 1.7 Ounce

Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Cr me, 1.7 Ounce

I haven't tried this particular Eucerin product. I HAVE used Eucerin creams in the past for other purposes, and it is typically a very thick formulation and indeed has been soothing on my skin after sunburn. But again, I haven't used the Redness Relief Night Cr me. Since Eucerin is a trusted brand name, I can't see where it would hurt to give it a try, especially since the price is right and a relatively inexpensive one to try. I'd like to know if you do try it, and what you think.

Buy Now

Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel - Enhanced with Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Extract (Professional Chemical Peel)

Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel - Enhanced with Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Extract (Professional Chemical Peel)

I am adding the Salicylic Acid product because some people like it. For my own VERY sensitive skin, I am leery about ANY type of peel. And I am also sensitive to anything that has the letters "salicylic" in it. :)

Buy Now

2oz -Pro-K Vitamin K Cream Professional Strength- Rosacea Capillaries, Thread Spider Varicose Veins, Puffy Dark Under Eye Circles. Guaranteed to Work .

2oz -Pro-K Vitamin K Cream Professional Strength- Rosacea Capillaries, Thread Spider Varicose Veins, Puffy Dark Under Eye Circles. Guaranteed to Work .

I have used Vitamin K cream in the past, and have never had anything negative (like breakouts or sensitivity) happen. The list of ingredients is clearly spelled out - so if there is something you are sensitive to, it will be easy for you to determine if you can try it without having an allergic reaction (if you are sensitive to certain ingredients, that is).

Buy Now

Facial Redness Repair

Facial Redness Repair

By all accounts, this one is NON-GREASY, which is a HUGE factor for me. My pores clog up the second you even look at them, so this one would be one to consider if this is a factor for you. It contains a number of ingredients that I like, such as arnica, comfrey, and aloe - and it does look like just a "little dab will do ya."

Buy Now

"Do You Have Rosacea??"

I DESPISE that question!

WHY is my face always red!?!?"Do you have rosacea?" That is probably the most common question I get asked (a short 2nd to "Have you been out in the sun?").

Some years ago, I went to a doctor and asked if I had rosacea, and she was of the opinion that it was NOT, although is does look that way.

TODAY'S discussion about rosacea is a little different from several years ago.

We'll talk about that a little bit.

But for now, I have a red face. Most of the time...

However, things are looking up!

So let's talk a little about rosacea...

What exactly IS this embarrassing condition?

Well, it's embarrassing to me, at least. And even though my ol' doctor was convinced I did NOT have rosacea, I'm unconvinced.

Sure, I'd like to believe that I just walk around with a lovely little blush that means I don't need to use powdered blush, but it's not the case.

After all, I do fit the criteria. I'm definitely of northern European ancestry (one of the risk factors), and as you can see I'm very fair skinned. Light colored eyes is another factor (Check that one, too!)

The National Library of Medicine describes rosacea as a chronic skin (facial skin) condition that includes inflamed blood vessels "and pilosebaceous units" (Yeah, I had to look up "pilosebaceous units" too...anyway, translate: you can see the veins and capillaries and stuff on my skin).

While some people get little pimples along with it, I don't suffer so much from that as others.

It's all so individual. It's said that somewhere between 10 and 20 MILLION people suffer from this in the US alone.

Now, here's the thing. I'm well aware that there are medications that doctors can prescribe for this.

I'm not interested in medications. Really... I just don't like them. So, for me, my quest is to find a natural solution.

Some Typical Triggers for any Redness on the Face

At least we know...

Empty Alcohol Bottles in a Trash Can (photo by me, KathyT)Deny it all you want, but there are just SOME THINGS that are known triggers for rosacea - or, if you don't want to call it that, "ruddy cheeks," "redness on face," or "sensitive flushing..."

Here are mine - and (not so) coincidentally, the experts agree:
Alcohol (it doesn't matter how little I drink - my face is ALWAYS red after drinking - and I've been cutting back considerably, so that's a good thing). In some cases, I know I have an outright allergy to certain wines - I cannot TOUCH a glass of anything made by YellowTail brand - I go BEYOND redness in my face - I go straight into raised hives.

Spicy Foods. And this is difficult, because I LOVE spicy foods. But I've been cutting back on that too...

Exercise. I'm not going to stop exercising. Sorry.

Sun. Within seconds, my skin turns red (not just my face either). But I'm not going to avoid sunshine either. I DO avoid high-noon types of sun, and I do wear hats. Let's not get into the sunscreen debate... I'm sensitive to almost all of them.

Wind. If I'm out in the wind for more than a few minutes, my cheeks get wind-burned. My most fun solution to that is to leave the cold and bitter north country for warmer climes in the winter.

(Image is mine - clever, huh? All it took was some empty wine bottles, a waste-basket and a camera. Voila!)


Guys... I cannot wait to update you all on this part of my journey!

I have to let you know what I'm doing! I'm currently making videos and pictures to document my experience with ZENMED's Skin Support System (this is their recommended Rosacea product).

First of all, let me just begin by telling you that this particular company is so amazing... I have dealt directly with them, and they have been absolutely 100% supportive, honest, and professional with me. I wasn't embarrassed to go into my own experience - they really are great folks.

Now, ZENMED makes a bunch of products - but the only one I am talking about today is the Skin Support System - you are free to check out their other products as well. My own experience thus far is that this company is "quality" all the way.

And with a motto like "Creating Products with Conscience," who doesn't love that? :)

Zenmed Skin Support System-kit for Rosacea Treatment and Skin Cleansing-Dry Skin

Zenmed Skin Support System-kit for Rosacea Treatment and Skin Cleansing-Dry Skin

First of all - again - I cannot wait to share my videos with you... the package arrived as though it were gold. PERFECTLY packaged. I felt that the price is VERY fair - and it should last for 6 - 8 weeks. VEGAN and cruelty-free!!!!!! Yet ANOTHER reason I love this company! And another HUGE plus for me is that I'm not allergic to ANY OF THE INGREDIENTS! YAY!!!!!!! Let the testing begin... :) If one of you decide to try this out, PLEASE let me know what you think!

Buy Now

Here's an ABC News segment about Rosacea

Again, I'm not really into standard medication to treat stuff - but Dr. Day also does talk about the OCCULAR (eye) form of rosacea - and this might be an exception to my "prescription medication" aversion... If it hit my eyes, I'd probably get right to the eye doctor in that case - and if that were the case, I'd definitely suggest that you do as well... Anyway, here is a standard medical overview of this condition...
ABC News with Dr. Day - Rosacea
by DayDermatology | video info

83 ratings | 34,190 views

Dr. Doris Day talks about Rosacea, what triggers it, and some great treatment options.

curated content from YouTube

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Hi folks! I, Kathy Tremblay (yes, that would be ME) am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I'm also a member of a number of other affiliate networks such as eBay, and others. So, if you see an affiliate link in here that's not Squidoo's, it's mine. Thank you so much for reading and visiting my pages. And thank you, also, if you should decide to make a purchase as a result of what I've put out there for you! :)

red veins on face

Varicose Veins Running

Barefoot running tips beginners

Listen to the prof.

powered by Youtube

A Beginner Running Program, First Things

On the right foot.

Okay, so you're ready to start your beginner running program. If you're like me, you probably have a whole list of questions to get ready for your first run.

I couldn't wait to get out there the first time, after watching fit runners with envy for so long. I wanted to be trim and energetic too. But I had to wait, and so should you. Getting off to the right start is where a beginners' running guide ought to get started.

  • How fit are you, right now, before you start? Or is the better question, how unfit?

    Most of us start a beginner running program because we're dissatisfied with the condition of our bodies. We want to feel better, and we want to look better. It's important to know where you're coming from.

    The more out of shape you are, the more slowly you will need to beginning. Not because of the danger of injuries, although that's important, but more so, to avoid getting discouraged by not meeting your goals as aches and pains mount.

    And you will get aches and pains, no matter who you are. When muscles develop, they ache. It's a good sign. Your body is responding to training. Just don't push it to the point where it takes the fun away. Learn to take days off or to go to alternatives, like swimming or walking, when you're getting messages from your muscles to slow down.

    If you take a gradual approach to your beginner running program and listen to your body, your aches and pains can be kept to a minimum. Your mind may be ready to go, but your muscles and joints will take some time.

  • About aches and pains, beginning runners edition.

    No matter what new exercise program you get into, your muscles and joints will ache as they develop. You and your body are unique and the amount of discomfort will vary as much as individuals do. That is, infinitely. But there are some things almost any beginning runner can expect.

    The big muscles in your thighs will hurt as they develop. Everyone gets this. Your calf muscles, in the back between your knees and ankles, will also very likely hurt, and sometimes, your calf muscles will develop differently on either side.

    When I started running, the thigh muscle aches cleared up fairly early, but between my knees and ankles, I felt a knot in back on one side and a ache in the front on the other. Aches in the front, running up the bone, are a special reason for caution. They may be a sign of shin splints, a condition that happens when an unbalanced muscle development cause one set of muscles to start pulling away from the bone. This can be very painful and chronic, and you should consider taking time off until it clears up. Then, start again slowly.

    Don't worry. Many runners get shin splints, and lots of times, it doesn't happen until they've been running for months, even years. Any sign of them at any time in your running career means you should step back and give your muscles a break.

    Your feet may hurt as you are suddenly made aware of how complicated that collection of bones and muscles is. Evolution developed your feet to balance, propel, stop and hold up all the rest of you. It's a big job, and lots of things can go wrong. If you chose good running shoes to fit your style and the way you hit the ground and propel forward, your discomfort should be manageable. If pain persists or is too intense to run through, see a doctor about it. Feet are too complicated for simple running tips.
    235196_Merrell Shoes and Clothing
    One interesting thing about running is that you will soon discover any weakness in your physical make up. Running is a more extreme activity that it seems to the casual observer. Anything small gets larger, and big things can become giants.

    With humility, you will discover that you are lopsided. Or, maybe, asymmetric is a better word. We all are. You might've seen the experiments where they show how different each side of our faces is from the other. The rest of your body is the same way.

    Each side will develop differently, and you will become aware of how bipolar you are, physically. It can be a learning experience and an enlightening one, making you more conscious about the bundle of incredible complexity called you.

    Anyway, other common problems are knee and back pain, both exaggerated by weight issues. Assuming your weight isn't ideal - mine sure wasn't - you probably have some issues already. A large percentage of people do. Be cautious. A beginner running program is a great launching point for improving every part of your life, but be as gradual as your body tells you to be.

    Lower back pain is most frequently caused by a combination of compression and pounding. When we have extra weight in our gut, we lean backward without thinking about it, compensating for balance and compressing our lower spines and the muscles around them. Add in the brand new impact of hitting the pavement with a joggers stride and you've got a sore back. Stretching, maybe a yoga program, can help, but a sore back requires time off. Until you gradually condition yourself into better shape, rest along with some stretching is the best manager.

    Achy knees are a common gripe among so many of us as we get older. Sore knees may become more sore with a beginners running program. For me, sore knees and a pain in my heel both improved with running. I think my experience was from losing weight and redistributing what I kept. My knees weren't being tested in ways nature never intended.

    Go easy if your knees hurt. A beginners running program is best when its gradual and gradual in a way that is personal to you. Get to know your body. Learn to pay attention to signals. Don't go overboard right away. You will get into the condition you want, but your body needs to adjust to your new lifestyle. You've spent decades getting into the condition you're now in. Give yourself a few months to get into a better one.

    Patience. Always a virtue.

  • To start running, beginners need to have a plan and, as you learn, be ready to change it.

    A good way to start, day one, is to as slowly as you can without easing back into a walk jog until you feel you can't go any further. Don't push it. It will happen more quickly than you imagine. Running looks much easier than it is, a fact you will learn on your first day out.

    Jog, then walk a while. When you feel refreshed, jog some more. Repeat until the time you've set aside for exercise is over. Gradually, over a period of weeks, try to increase the amount of time you spend running as opposed to walking. The good news is, you burn just about the same amount of calories, either way. Running, you just burn them faster, more for the same period of time.

    Do not do your jog/walk routine more than three or four days a week in the beginning. Even veteran runners rarely run more than five times a week. Your body needs a rest from the pounding. On off days, you can cycle or swim or lift weights, anything that contributes to your body's improvement.

    Once in a while, take a day off from everything. Your body needs it, and if you don't, it will let you know.

  • A runners' high. An inescapable topic for runners. Experts sometimes claim its an illusion while others go into elaborate descriptions of how your chemistry springs into action, ignited by physical endurance, to lift your mood.

    Whatever the cause, the best information I have is that about 70% of us can get a runners' high. The 30% who don't should find another sport because running is just too hard without the high to get you charged.

    As most runners who get highs will tell you, it's a swelling expression of well-being, even happiness that fills your body, head to toe, at its best. It varies, of course, but it's always a thrill. For me, my highs usually came only after I'd exerted myself for a half-hour or more. Then, after struggling, I suddenly felt like I could run forever and wanted to. The sweet thing was, I'd get recurrences later in the day, out of nowhere.

    As they say, your experience may differ. But there is no question in my mind that the legendary runners' high is a real thing. When it hits you, you know it. If it doesn't, you won't stay running long enough to care.

Running Shoe Suggestions

Mostly Barefoot Running

I'm an advocate of barefoot running, the minimalist movement. I believe the style better accommodates what millions of years of evolution developed. We're born with strong cushioning system that protects our skeletal structure and the muscles that move it. Buying cushioning means introducing an inferior element into our system.
Merrell Women's Pace Glove Barefoot Running Shoes - Peacock Blue/ Deep Mint 9 - Regular

Merrell Women's Pace Glove Barefoot Running Shoes - Peacock Blue/ Deep Mint 9 - Regular

Merrell's my top choice because they make high quality products and have for years while finding a way to match up with all those different kinds of feet. They look good too and can easily become everyday shoes for you as well.

Buy Now

Merrell Men's True Glove Barefoot Running Shoes - Brindle/ Harvest Pumpkin (11, Brindle/Harvest Pumpkin)

Merrell Men's True Glove Barefoot Running Shoes - Brindle/ Harvest Pumpkin (11, Brindle/Harvest Pumpkin)

See above. Same for men. Merrell's line of minimalist shoes are made for the widest range of feet and running styles

Buy Now

Vibram Fivefingers Mens KomodoSport LS Black/Grey/Green 42

Vibram Fivefingers Mens KomodoSport LS Black/Grey/Green 42

Vibram FiveFingers is the purest's barefoot shoe, giving you just enough to qualify as a shoe. They're great and have a tremendous record with barefoot runners. The only downside is, you won't wear them for anything else.

Buy Now

Vibram Fivefingers Womens KomodoSport LS Grey/Black/Pink 40

Vibram Fivefingers Womens KomodoSport LS Grey/Black/Pink 40

My intuition is that women will have a harder time adjusting to the look of these shoes. I may be wrong, but I don't think so.

Buy Now

Men's Nike Free Run+ 3 Running Shoe Black/Pure Platinum/Reflective Silver Size 15

Men's Nike Free Run+ 3 Running Shoe Black/Pure Platinum/Reflective Silver Size 15

The company that led the pack into cushioned running shoes has now created a fine line of non-cushioned, minimalist shoes. Lots of color combinations to pick from.

Buy Now

Apparel For The Running Beginners Guide

Outfits to make running comfortable.

Running, your body temperature soars to what you get with a terrible flu. You need clothes that will help you deal with it.

And what about bad weather? What works for cold and wind?

ROOK Men's Running Wolf Tank, White, Large

ROOK Men's Running Wolf Tank, White, Large

Leaves enough skin exposed to let the wind cool you while the fabric wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable.

Buy Now

CW-X Women's Stabilyx 3/4 Running Tights,Black/Periwinkle,X-Small

CW-X Women's Stabilyx 3/4 Running Tights,Black/Periwinkle,X-Small

Helps keep you warm when the weather is not the best and makes you feel more taught.

Buy Now

ASICS Men's Myles II Running Pant,Black,Medium

ASICS Men's Myles II Running Pant,Black,Medium

Keep warm and stay dry and just keep running.

Buy Now

ICECREAM Men's Running Dog Raglan, Black, XX-Large

ICECREAM Men's Running Dog Raglan, Black, XX-Large

A top for tougher weather than won't be too much when your temperature rises.

Buy Now

Calvin Klein Performance Women's Splatter Print Running Short, Pansy Combo, Small

Calvin Klein Performance Women's Splatter Print Running Short, Pansy Combo, Small

Great looking running shorts that give you what you need and nothing more. Cool and comfortable.

Buy Now

Start Running, Beginners

Hit the road.

Before you start running, beginners, there are a just a couple more things to be clear about.

First, when will you do your running workout? It's critical that you set aside a time when you will be working out. If you leave it to the demands of the day to decide, the demands will most often keep you from running. Make a date with yourself for a time when nothing will interfere, then stick to it.

For me, it was running early in the morning. Not only did it get me off to a fresh start, it relieved me from making sure I could keep my date for later in the day. More stress free. Most are not morning people as I am, though, and have a hard time getting up and out. Maybe it's right after work or after dinner or whatever fits your personal demands, but take it from Nike and just do it.

What shoes to wear. That's a big question. Don't do what I see some beginners do and just head out with whatever is in your closet. The chances for injury are over the top. Either go to a running store and get good advice about the type of shoe that best matches your feet, or better yet, get an experienced friend to go with you and provide running shoe tips not tainted by commissions.

Smart runners do not buy running shoes from retail outlets. Once they know their needs, they go online and pick from selections far greater than any brick and mortar stockroom has to offer. And almost always at much better prices.

Finally, whatcha gonna wear? Again, don't do what I did and head out dressed as you would for a casual day in the park, a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Running gear is designed to help your body deal with the unique developments of running. That is, you get hot as hell and you sweat like a middle linebacker during a two minute drill. Your Saturday clothes won't help you enough.

Got that? Ready to start running, beginners?

Photo credit: Creative Commons License.

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The Other Side Of The Beginners Running Program

No longer a beginner.

One day, you'll realize that your beginners running program is over. You are now an established runner

So, after the beginners guide, running will be a thing you own, not one you're learning. It will have an individual stamp that says you on it.

So things to expect and enjoy.

  • Running partners. Although I have never had a regular running partner, I've had several that were semi-regular. Some friends pick partners to be their consciences, making sure they are both up and out in their long distance running program.

    My friend Jabril was the slowest runner I ever knew. A diplomat, he ran with giant headphones and listened to BBC radio early in the day to be prepared for what he might have to contend with. Sal, on the other hand, was a quick Mexican librarian who'd run several marathons. For the New York Marathon every year, friends from his running club in Mexico City would bring him his official colors to run with the group. Sal made me go faster while Jabril was slower and more cerebral.

    Running partners provide valuable services and keep monotony at bay when you've run the same route at the same time several hundred times. They also automatically enforce the established best practice in running at your best training pace, which is when you can still carry on a regular conversation and not gasp for air.

  • Keep it interesting. Vary your route. Take different ones when you can to stay fresh, especially if your usual route lacks interesting variations.

    If your route is end to end, in any kind of circle, change directions. Not only does this keep it interesting, it equals the stress on your legs. Most roads have a camber, that is, a tilt from the middle down. It helps drain the surface, but it can cause discomfort after many repetitions. When you reverse, you automatically equalize.

    Change speeds. Experienced runners do regular days devoted to speed work, running intervals at different speeds to condition muscles to be more flexible and responsive. Even if you're not so serious, changing your pace as the mood strikes can make running more interesting. My trick is to listen to music on headphones, changing from fast to slow with each new song.

  • What do you eat? Once the running bug has caught you, you will want to improve other parts of your life too, probably exchanging bad eating habits for better ones. I eat vegetarian, but include fish. Each person's choice should be for their own benefit, but it's fair to assume that the habits that got you out of shape included eating.

    But don't worry. Good eating choices are plentiful. Find what fits for you and build on your beginners running program with good eating.
    235196_Merrell Shoes and Clothing

Running Tips Beginners In Print

Check out a guru.

There are lots of good books about running tips beginners can benefit from. Here are a few I can recommend.
The Ultimate Beginners Running Guide: The Key To Running Inspired

The Ultimate Beginners Running Guide: The Key To Running Inspired

by Ryan Robert

Start off with a comprehensive read you can make your way through as you get started with your running program.

Buy Now

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

by Christopher McDougall

The book that launched a million feet into barefoot running. It convinced me, and it's still the best running book I've read.

Buy Now

Running Tips: Ready To Run! (Improve Your Running with Tips on Nutrition, Tools and Technique)

Running Tips: Ready To Run! (Improve Your Running with Tips on Nutrition, Tools and Technique)

by Rosie Edwards

As you grow into the sport, you'll crave the tips available from experts and beginners alike.

Buy Now

ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer

A new, inspiring approach worth looking into.

Buy Now

Running Doc's Guide to Healthy Running: How to Fix Injuries, Stay Active, and Run Pain-Free

Running Doc's Guide to Healthy Running: How to Fix Injuries, Stay Active, and Run Pain-Free

by Lewis G. Maharam

Always good to have the doc at your side.

Buy Now

If You Must, Distance Running Tips, Suggestions for Cushioned Shoes

You may come to a different conclusion than I did. Here are some great cushioned shoes that I've experienced.
ASICS Men's Gel-Blur33 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Blur33 Running Shoe

Among traditional shoes, I love the ASICS Gel system for support. They are a company committed to more than profits.

Buy Now

ASICS Women's Gel-Blur33 2.0 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Blur33 2.0 Running Shoe

And as you can see, ASICS can look damn good too.

Buy Now

Saucony Originals Men's Jazz Low Pro Vegan Sneaker

Saucony Originals Men's Jazz Low Pro Vegan Sneaker

My wife and I both ran a lot of miles in Saucony's Jazz line. Light and cheap and good-looking.

Buy Now

Saucony Women's ProGrid Guide 5 Running Shoe

Saucony Women's ProGrid Guide 5 Running Shoe

For the more serious runner, the ProGriid will get you into the race in comfort and style.

Buy Now

Saucony Originals Men's Shadow Original Running Shoe

Saucony Originals Men's Shadow Original Running Shoe

The Shadow was my favorite for many years. If not for minimalist running, they probably would still be. Experienced runners choose Saucony over better known brands, getting more for your money.

Buy Now

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Hemroid Treatment Solutions In the Information Age

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Painful Veins In Legs

If you suffer from heavy legs, take a look at how you spend your typical day. People who spend the majority of their day either just sitting down, or just standing up tend to suffer from heavy legs and feet. Besides from painful legs and feet, long intervals of sitting or standing can also lead to unsightly spider and varicose veins.

Prevention is always better than cure. If it is possible, one should try and rest his feet for a few minutes at regular intervals everyday, or vice versa if most of the day is spent sitting down. However, work or hectic lifestyles don"t always permit the luxury of balancing sitting and standing.

The answer to lighter, healthier legs comes in the form of a transdermal patch. Venalta Patches, by Alta Care Laboratoires "" Paris, is ideal for those people who spend long intervals standing up or sitting down. Venalta Patches, apart from relieving tired and heavy legs, also act on unsightly veins, and they also act on pain caused by shoes.

Venalta Patches contain escin, a horse chestnut extract, which inhibits the enzymes (hyalurodinase and glucoranidase enzymes) that break down collagen in the inner part of the vein. As a result of this it diminishes their permeability and consequently prevents, diminishes and cures oedema, superfluous veins, varicose veins and haematoma. The red vine flavonoids in venalta patches act as antioxidants which strengthen and stabilize by plugging the pores in the damaged capillaries. Red Vine extract has astringent and anti-inflammatory qualities that treat fragile capillaries, varicose veins and contusions. Venalta patches also contain tannins, helanin and bilobalide which, apart from their anti-inflammatory action, also help to improve peripheral vascular and micro vascular circulation.
Venalta Patches are a highly effective and easy to use, transdermal remedy that just involves slapping a patch on either side of the inner thigh every 24 hours. Venalta Patches are highly discreet, waterproof and hypo allergenic.

So if you spend most of your day standing up or sitting down, Venalta Patches are ideal for you "" slap on to treat tired heavy legs, or even to prevent them getting tired; and furthermore to prevent those unattractive veins!

painful veins in legs

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